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Looking to update the look of your home?  New stucco may be just the thing you need!  Foley Exteriors is the leading name in St Louis Park stucco installation. We have been in business since 1910 and during this time have helped countless homeowners modernize their home and add beauty, protection and comfort to their property. If you are considering a new look then we can certainly help.  Our team of licensed professionals have a passion for stucco and siding.

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There are several reasons why stucco is one of the most popular materials used for siding on properties across Minnesota. Not only is stucco affordable but it is also an all-natural material that can actually reduce your energy bills over the years. The reason is because stucco is a natural insulator that keeps the air insider your home protected and keeps the cold air from outside away from your home. You won’t have to worry about unwanted drafts during the winter and your home will remain cooler and less stuffy during the winter. Many older homes will have inadequate insulation and ventilation which really show during those hot and cool days. With stucco, you can expect a more comfortable home year round.

Another reason why stucco is so popular for homeowners across St. Louis Park is because it is so resistant.  Stucco comes with a 50 year life span (or longer) and requires very little maintenance. It is designed to withstand all types of pressure from storm damage to sun damage. This definitely comes in handy in Minnesota, where the weather is so erratic. You can also expect stucco to protect your home from heavy water damage, fire damage, mold and mildew.

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Still not sure if stucco is the right option for you? Let our team at Foley Exteriors show you the many different textures, styles and colors to choose from. Also, if you want the stucco on your home complemented by another material, then we also provide other siding materials to help customize your project.

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