Minnesota Stucco Services Offered by Foley Exteriors

Foley Exteriors is the premier stucco contractor in Minnesota.  We have decades of experience installing new stucco, refinishing existing stucco, and repairing old stucco across the region.  Check out the different stucco services that we offer:

New Stucco Installation:

Foley Exteriors can install new stucco to any size project.  Whether you are building a new home, replacing your existing siding, or adding on to your existing stucco home, we utilize the highest-quality materials and newest technologies to install new stucco.  A typical new stucco project starts with the installation of a weep screed where the foundation and framing meet.  We install two layers of Grade D building paper to the sheathing, ice and water flashing tape, and stucco casing beads.   Galvanized metal lath is then installed to prepare the walls for the installation of the stucco. Depending on the project, we can also integrate the most effective rainscreen technologies to ensure your stucco project is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Stucco Refinishing:

We will refinish your existing stucco to make it look new again! A typical refinishing project involves some stucco repairs to prepare the existing stucco for the new finish coats.  Foley Exteriors provides color charts and texture samples so that your new stucco finish is exactly what you envision!

Minnesota Stucco Repair:

The typical stucco repair involves breaking out the existing stucco immediately surrounding the area that needs to be repaired.  This exposes the original building paper and lath, allowing us to properly tie into the existing stucco.  We then install two layers of Grade D building paper and/or flashing tape to any exposed sheathing.  Next, we install galvanized metal lath, tying into the existing stucco lath.  Foley Exteriors then applies a two-coat stucco base, leveling and floating the patch into the existing stucco.  The base coats of the patch are then allowed to dry and cure.  When we return, we apply a finish coat to the patch, matching the existing stucco color and texture as closely as possible.  Our experienced crews will expertly complete the necessary repairs to to existing stucco.


Foley Exteriors does not recommend painting stucco in our climate. If your existing stucco has peeling or flaking paint, Foley Exteriors can sandblast the existing stucco to remove the layers of paint. We are one of the only stucco companies in Minnesota that uses our own employees and crew for the sandblasting.  This ensures you get the same quality and service for this abrasive part of the project.

Moisture Intrusion Remediation:

Some Minnesota stucco homes built in the early 1990s into early 2000s utilized some construction practices that contributed to potentially damaging moisture intrusion.  Building scientists have attributed most of this damage to improper window installations, missing kickout flashings at rooflines, missing drip cap flashing over the windows and doors, and other poor construction practices.  We are typically first sent a moisture report from a moisture inspector or homeowner.  Foley Exteriors studies the report and then determines the most appropriate repairs.  Foley Exteriors then removes any necessary stucco or other siding the surround the affected areas and assesses the necessary repairs.  We repair and replace any necessary building materials, including repairs and/or replacements to the framing, insulation, and sheathing.  We then reinstall the stucco or siding to the necessary areas.