Founded in 1910, Foley has been the premier stucco contractor in Minnesota for over a century.  Foley Exteriors is a Minneapolis stucco company that is a family-owned small business.  With decades of combined experience, the employees of Foley Exteriors have completed hundreds of Minneapolis stucco jobs and have thousands of happy customers.

Patrick started working for his father, John, and his father’s business partner, Ken, when he was in his early teens.  After working for Foley Stucco for many summers, he went to college thinking that he might do something else. After he graduated from Drake University, he returned home to work for Foley Stucco again. As with most construction workers in Minnesota, he loves working outside, and he loves the satisfaction of a job well done.  When his father’s partner retired, he and his father became partners in the stucco company.  Foley Exteriors has retained the same employees for many years, and are very proud of the work that they do. Patrick remembers driving around the Twin Cities when he was very young and his father pointing out the Minneapolis stucco houses he had worked on over the years. He now does the same thing with his kids!







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