Foley Exteriors has decades of experience providing stucco installation to homes and buildings across Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout Minnesota.  We can expertly install new stucco to the dream home you are building.  Foley Exteriors we can also replace a different siding with new stucco.  We often install new stucco to additions on your existing stucco home!  Please call us or send an email to get an estimate for your new stucco installation!   We use our vast experience to ensure that your new stucco will last for generations.  Stucco will provide all of the great benefits you expect, while making your home the most beautiful on the street.

The first part of a typical new stucco installation is the installation of a stucco weep screed at the foundation.  We then install two layers of Grade D building paper to the sheathing.  This building paper is then sealed them to the windows and doors with ice and water flashing tape.  We install stucco casing beads along rooflines, and on the sides and bottoms of windows.  Foley Exteriors also ensures the proper kickout flashings and drip caps are installed.   These are all very important components to your new stucco installation. When hiring a stucco contractor, make sure you won’t need  to worry them!

It takes experience to know where to use each component, and how the entire system works together  We have over a century’s worth of experience!   For new stucco applications, we use all of the necessary components to exceed all of the code “requirements” in order to  make sure that your stucco project will perform as expected.