If you are considering a change to your home, then updating the siding is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get a brand new home without leaving. You don’t have to sell, move, or worry about taking out another loan.  All you need to do is update the house you already have!  Foley Exteriors has been helping homeowners across Moundsview, Minnesota, see how amazing their homes can really be by making the switch to stucco or updating the existing stucco on their exterior.

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Changing the siding on your existing property can provide you with a number of benefits.  Stucco is a natural product that has been around for centuries.  It is built to withstand all types of pressure and has a life span of 50 years.  As soon as you replace the siding you will notice a huge difference both to the look and feel of your house. Some of the benefits of using stucco for your siding needs include:

· Maintenance free – there is no need to touch up or repaint down the road
· Durable – stucco is designed to withstand all types of pressures and is resistant to dents, sun damage, heavy water, mold and mildew and even fire
· Comfortable – stucco can make your older home feel like new inside. You can expect less stuffiness during the summer and a draft free winter due to the insulating qualities of stucco. Your entire house will feel the difference, especially considering the wild temperature swings we have in Minnesota.
· Higher value – replacing your older siding with stucco can add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your property. You can literally transform an older home into something modern and in high demand.

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For more information on making the switch to stucco or refinishing a home with existing stucco, contact the team at Foley Exteriors. We specialize in both new and older constructions and offer sandblasting, texture matching and patching services. Our team has decades of experience and we come with the highest ratings from Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

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