Foley Exteriors is a leading name in stucco and siding across Minnetonka. If you are considering remodeling the exterior of your home or if you are building your house from the ground up, then our team of qualified contractors can help you with all aspects of the job.

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Why Stucco

Still unsure if stucco is the right decision for your home? Below are some of the many benefits to opting for stucco.

  • Eco-friendly – stucco is made out of natural materials and has been around for centuries. However, it will also make your home more comfortable due to its insulating qualities meaning you can rely on your heater and air conditioner much less. Your house will remain at a more comfortable temperature without getting stuffy during the summer and chilly during the winter.
  • Durable – stucco is built to last. Stucco can handle the extreme summers and harsh winters we experience in Minnesota.  With a life span of 50 years you never have to worry about repainting or retouching stucco.
  • Resistant – stucco can ward off just about anything that your home comes into contact with. This includes mold and mildew as well as fire, heavy water, wind and hail damage, and sun damage over the years.
  • Beautiful – and, most importantly, stucco is elegant, classic and beautiful. Your home will shine on the inside and out and you can choose from limitless colors that work with your personal tastes. Some of the popular colors we have include sandstone, sandalwood, old ivory and marine blue but we can customize the perfect color to suit the other features of your property. You can expect to add thousands of dollars to your home and create a look that brightens up the entire property.

However, if you are still unsure if stucco is the only option for your home, we can also install all other types of siding to complement your stucco. We work with names such as LP, James Hardie and CertainTeed so you know that you are getting the very best for your house.

Minnetonka Stucco Company

For more information on stucco and other siding alternatives, speak to the team at Foley Exteriors. We come with over 100 years of experience and high ratings with the Better Business Bureau. You can expect a lot more than just experience when you work with Foley Exteriors – we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service and quality for your stucco job.

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