Choosing the right contractor to install your siding, whether you have opted for stucco or for an alternative, is a big decision. After all, the installation process can be quite complex.   If it is not done correctly, then you could be looking at a much faster deterioration and possibly moisture leaking into your home. Foley Exteriors has been the premier stucco company in Eagan for over a century. We come with decades of experience and countless installations under our name. We aim to ensure that your stucco is not only installed with precision and care, but that you are completely satisfied with the look.

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Choosing stucco for your exterior comes with a number of benefits including:

  1. Maintenance and hassle free – never worry about painting your house again. Stucco doesn’t need to be painted down the road and can last over 50 years.
  2. Resistant – stucco is resistant to all types of hazards from mold and mildew to fire and heavy water.  Poor weather, sun damage and ice and snow will not impact your exterior.
  3. Comfort and energy efficiency – stucco is somewhat of a natural insulator, which means your house will remain at a comfortable temperature without being impacted with what the temperature is outside your house. You can expect cheaper energy bills and a much more comfortable home.
  4. Added value – when the time comes to sell your property you can expect the resale value to be thousands more if you opt for stucco on your exterior.
  5. A beautiful home – stucco comes in a number of traditional or modern colors and elegant textures. You can choose from colors to complement the other parts of your exterior as well as your personal tastes. Whether you want to stand out from the street with a bold marine blue or want something traditional and elegant such as sandstone, our team at Foley Exteriors can help you choose the right shade and texture to suit your home.

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When it comes to your property, you don’t want to cut corners. Working with a company that comes with decades of experience and countless happy customers can make all the difference to your home. Contact Foley Exteriors, your leading Eagan stucco company today at 612-331-6510.