The stucco repair and patching process takes years of experience to perfect.  Our current employees average over fifteen years of experience, so we have many, many stucco patches under our belts.  When patching and repairing stucco, it is important to know what to expect.  It is also is an important step to maintain the aesthetics and performance of your stucco.  A stucco repair might be the first step in the process of refinishing the stucco on your entire home, or you might just want to patch a few areas where your current stucco has deteriorated.

Cracks in stucco are very common.  A wise man once said, “There are two kinds of cement.  Cement that has cracked, and cement that is going to crack.”  Stucco consists of cement, and cement is constantly going through a curing process.  During the curing process, each time the stucco gets wet, it strengthens while it dries out.  As

A stucco patch that is properly completed will blend the newer stucco in seamlessly with the old.