Some of the most common stucco projects in Minneapolis and St. Paul are stucco refinishing projects.  This stucco refinishing is often called a “re-dash.”  The stucco refinishing basically applies a new two-coat stucco finish over the existing stucco.  Often, stucco repairs are necessary first, and when the stucco refinishing is completed, the home looks brand new.

Foley Exteriors would never recommend painting stucco.  Stucco is naturally porous, so paint prohibits the stucco from “breathing,” as it seals the pores that allow moisture to escape through the stucco.  We have found that a refinishing the stucco might initially be slightly more expensive than a quality paint job, but the stucco finish requires little to no maintenance.  Paint requires frequent maintenance, and might only last a few years.  A new stucco finish should last for decades, making it a much better value than the alternatives.

If you want to restore the original beauty of your home in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or throughout Minnesota, a stucco refinishing project might be the best option for you.  Contact Foley Exteriors to discuss your situation, and we can provide a free estimate to assist you in the decision making process.