New Stucco Installation:

Foley Exteriors can provide new stucco installation to any size project. If you are building a new home or building an addition on your existing home, we will use the highest-quality materials and newest technologies to install new stucco. The typical new stucco project involves a weep screed, two layers of Grade D building paper, ice and water flashing tape, stucco casing beads, and galvanized metal lath just to prepare the structure for the application of the stucco. We can also integrate the most effective rainscreen technologies to ensure your stucco project is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Stucco Refinishing:

If your existing home is stucco, we can refinish it to make t look new again! The typical refinishing project might involve some stucco repair to prepare the existing stucco for the new finish coats. We will provide you with color charts and texture examples so that your new stucco is exactly what you envision!

Stucco Repair:

The typical stucco repair involves breaking our the existing stucco immediately surrounding the area that needs to be repaired to expose the existing building paper and lath. This allows the stucco patches to be tied into the existing stucco, creating a long-lasting stucco repair. Our experienced crew will expertly repair the stucco, and then we will match the existing color and texture as closely as possible.


It is rarely a good idea to paint stucco in our climate. If the existing stucco has been painted, it is necessary to sandblast the existing stucco to remove any paint. We are one of the only stucco companies in Minnesota that uses our own employees for the sandblasting, ensuring you get the same quality and service for this abrasive part of the project.

Moisture Intrusion Remediation:

For some homes built These defects have been attributed to improper window installation, missing kickout flashings at rooflines, missing drip cap flashing over the windows and doors, and other construction defects. We first remove the stucco or other siding the surround the affected areas, and then remove any necessary windows or doors. We then make all repairs to the existing structure including repairs and/or replacements to the framing, insulation, and sheathing. We then replace the windows and doors to properly prepared openings, and then reinstall the appropriate stucco or siding to the areas.